Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Foodies Need Not Apply

How can something that looks so cute and so pretty taste so weird?  The treat above is a piece of lollie cake.  It is "unique" to New Zealand.  Probably for good reason (I really didn't care for it).  Check out the recipe for an idea of what those polka dot things are.

What else have I eaten over here?  Well, to tell the truth, it's hard sometimes to tell if we're eating an authentic NZ dish, a different ethnicity's dish, or something else entirely (you cannot tell me that "savoury hamburger buns" is from any ethnic group!).  I guess that is catered resident-living for you. 

But, no worries!  I treated myself to a $13.50 pancake and $4 coffee at Capers in Dunedin on Monday.  It really was quite good.  I had raspberries and white chocolate drizzle on mine. Yum!  Luckily, we had a coupon for buy one pancake, get one free.  Could you Americans believe two pancakes and a coffee would have cost $34.50 (tip included in price)?

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