Thursday, April 5, 2012

I won! Who wants to come kayaking?!

Today was an awesome day! Our research team finished stuffing envelopes then stuffed ourselves with yumminess from Velvet Burger (I texted my email address to them just before we went and received a text for a free 1/2 order of chips as we walked over).



When I got back to my room I had an exciting email waiting for me.  Recently, I was one of nine students who posted their blog to the University of Otago International Office Facebook page.  Today, I was picked to win a $100 voucher for kayaking because of my little blog you're reading.  So, I get to plan a trip to Abel Tasman National Park to see the folks at The Sea Kayak Company.  Cool, huh?!

Interestingly, this is good timing.  Five years ago, on April 9, my dad died from cancer.  One of our last trips together was camping in Acadia National Park in Maine.

I love that I can use the voucher in November to celebrate dad's 65th birthday.  This also gives me time to save up money to get there.  (I. am. broke.)  Kate suggested a big trip before she's done with her program and we may be able to rent a camper van and do a last hurrah before she leaves.  It's very roughly 10 1/2 hours to get there ('B' on the map below) from Dunedin ('A' on the map below).  Here's hoping I get lucky and win some gear from L.L. Bean for the trip!

I think dad would be so proud that his love of the outdoors is being carried on!

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