Thursday, April 19, 2012

Cooking for Kiwis

No posts until today because I have been licking my wounds.  I tried to impress the Department of Preventive & Social Medicine faculty, staff, and students by making breakfast pizza for morning tea on Monday.  In my previous experience in the workplace, coworkers absolutely adored the person who brought in breakfast pizza to share; I think I've even heard of a few people getting promoted simply because they brought in such a treat.  Yet, instead of accolades, requests for the recipe, and guarantees that the rest of my three years in the Department will be smooth sailing, a few people said it was a "nice" idea.

I actually called out my co-advisor when I noticed he hadn't tried some, but then I had to confess that my flatmate didn't say it was very good either.

I grabbed the overnight pizza dough recipe from  Surely, with a 3.9/4 rating, it would be the best pizza crust they have ever tasted.  Topping it with scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese, and diced tomatoes, green peppers and onions could only tantalize their taste buds even more.  To be honest, I was expecting to create something so delicious that it'd overwhelm people to the point of recreating that unforgettable scene Meg Ryan had in "When Harry Met Sally."

I'm pretty sure I wasn't the problem here.  I tested out a very basic peanut butter blossom cookie recipe a few weeks ago and thought it tasted like crap.  Seriously, how does one screw up a recipe with the most delicious ingredients known to man: peanut butter and chocolate?

I blame the ingredients.  The peanut butter isn't the same as it is in the U.S. - there's not enough sugar.  The flour I used was actually wholemeal flour and had a flaky consistency instead of a powdery consistency.  Not good when the texture of your cookies or pizza dough is at stake.

In any event, I'd like to give myself an "A" for effort here based on the before picture:

And the after picture:

I am determined to redeem myself.  How can the girl who once hosted Muffin Mondays at the Office for Aging be known in New Zealand as the one who bombs breakfast pizza?

Please, dear readers, take pity on me and send me your fool proof recipes.  Preferably recipes that don't get warped into something-that-could-have-tasted-good-if-it-weren't-for-the-fact-that-I-have-to-covert-cooking- temperatures-and-measuring units-and-use-non-American-made-food-products.



  1. Jennifer ManjarezApril 20, 2012 at 6:44 AM

    Maybe they had a biast going into it? In America we take pizza for any meal but I'm guessing a lot of other countries would think "that's sooo American" lol. That's the only other hypothesis I can offer other than the ingredients which I also found in England were so different to ours. My rice crispy treats totally fell on their face :(

  2. Oh no! That's such a bummer about the rise krispie treats! We had them for lunch here one day. It tasted like someone flavored them with flowers! I thought about doing a REAL variation of the treats, but thought pizza would be more impressive.

    Actually, the advice someone in the department gave me was to bake brownies. I thought it was kind of boring, but I guess I should stick to something classic and yummo instead of going for a wow factor.

    This same person also told me adding gluten would have helped. I wanted to point out that at home, I can go to the store and by pizza dough in the first place. None of this making it from scratch business. How was I supposed to know about this gluten stuff?

    Lesson learned.

    At the very least, though, I should have added more salt to everything. It's the universal ingredient for making things taste better. =)