Saturday, August 25, 2012

Mud Sweat & Tears 5k

Moats filled mud, tunnels filled mud, runners covered head to toe in mud: welcome to my Sunday!

This was the first year of Mud Sweat & Tears in Dunedin at the Wingatui Race Course.  The 5k course started out easily enough with a few hay bales to jump over, but then the fun began when we had to wade through waist-high muddy water.  The slippery obstacles proved to be more challenging than I expected, but the average participant would have been able to conquer them all.  I particularly enjoyed bum-sliding down a hill just before I arrived at a monstrous slide which sent me right into more mud.  

Our handsome reward for completing the race? A nice cold can of Tui! Yum! There were also mugs of hot soup waiting for us as well.  The pumpkin soup was delish!

More pictures can be found on the Dunedin Mud Sweat & Tears Facebook page. I definitely recommend doing the race; I'll plan on the 10k next year. 

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