Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Twitter Conference 2012 #OUTweCon

Signing up for "stuff" often encourages me to get my rear in gear and do work.  So, when something about a Twitter conference landed in my e-mail inbox I jumped on the opportunity.  I spend most of my life in front of my computer, so this seemed easy and fun.  All we had to do was send out six tweets to explain our thesis.  Cheesy easy.

I've been "tweeting" for months.  When I first set up this blog I did some fancy schmancy maneuvering to link it to Twitter so that as soon as I hit "Publish" an update would pop up automatically.  Generally, though, I don't engage in some sort of conversation on Twitter.  Once I got the hang of following #OUTwCon for our conversation and @OtagoGRS for the introductions it dawned on me how cool it all was.  

I was set to present at 2:30pm.  Even though I pre-wrote my tweets they were still too long to post, so there was some tweaking to my tweets that had to be done.  Ideally, I would have posted them quickly and then I would have answered any questions people had.  I took nearly all of my allotted 15 minutes to get those tweets out! Oh well, I've learned for next year.
  1. Modifiable Factors Assoc. w Weight Gain Prevention Among Mid-Age NZ Women to be Targeted by a Wt Gain Prevention Intervention.
  1. Obesity = major public health issue. But, people who lose weight often gain it back in 3-5 years. Perhaps prevention is key.
  1. We are collecting data on lifestyle, eating habits and well-being from mid-age New Zealand women through a mailed survey. 
  1. I'll look at experiential avoidance, mindfulness, psychological inflexibility and BMI - will they relate to wt maintenance?
  1. If so, an intervention will teach women how these psych factors can help them make small changes that lead to dietary changes.
  1. Hopefully, the changes will be effective and sustainable for maintaining weight! I just want us all to be happy and healthy. =)

So, here are my tweets from yesterday's Twitter conference: 
The nice thing about this conference was being able to follow other people's tweets throughout the day.  I didn't feel like I entirely missed out when I couldn't be in front of the computer to watch the conversations.  The whole conference can be viewed here

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