Saturday, April 14, 2012

Must Love Goats.

I keep a map of Dunedin in my room and after a run I draw my route on it.

Today, I pre-planned a route along Pine Hill Rd.  Almost immediately after I started, I found myself slogging up the hill.  My body was fighting every step and I thought about calling it quits.  Perhaps it was the steep incline or perhaps it was the two glasses of wine, two pints of beer and swig of absinthe that I drank the night before that made this such a labored run?  Regardless, I bucked up and carried on - I'm not training for anything and I didn't have a running buddy that I was holding backs, so what difference did my pace make?

After about 20 minutes of huffing, puffing and cursing, I was rewarded with a sweet view of the Otago Harbour and the peninsula on my climb.  

But, alas, I had no camera with me to take pictures.  This is something I will have to remedy at some point, not bringing a camera on my runs, because the view of the harbor wasn't the only thing I would have documented on film.

As I climbed up Pine Hill Road, I enjoyed watching farm animals go about their day picking at bits of grass.  Just as I (finally!) was about to turn left and start my return back to Abbey, a goat caught my eye and scurried away. Hmm...

As I got closer, I found quite the scene: five young male goats were hanging out hidden out of sight from other farm animals behind trees with empty beer bottles scattered about.  It's as if the goat that scurried away was rushing over to tell his buddies, "The jig is up! Hide the booze!"  I stopped to chit chat with them because they were cute, furry and friendly then went on my merry way - wishing I had a camera to capture the moment that I caught 5 goats looking something like underage yahoos trying to have a good time.

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