Monday, April 9, 2012

Sandy Pants, Thanks Tunnel Beach

Yesterday, Kate and I soaked up some sun by walking to the Ross Creek Reservoir.  The reservoir itself wasn't much to write home about, but we did find a pretty little waterfall on the way.

I've been told it looks awesome after a heavy rain.

Kate noticed this shag chillin' like a villain in the water.

Today, we organized a group outing to check out Tunnel Beach.  It's one of the local DOC walks around Dunedin.  To get there, we walked to the Octagon, hopped on a bus and took a ride across the peninsula.  The driver dropped us off and said to walk 1 1/2 miles and make a left.  Sounded good to us!

The walk to get there was a little steep, but there were great views on the way to the water.

loved exploring the beach!

In case photos aren't enough, how about a video?

And, yes, there is a manmade tunnel, too.

And, yes, there is more cool stuff to see at the bottom!

Notice that the edge of the water is a little ways back...

Well, I got a little caught up in taking pictures and failed to process that this wave was coming right for me...

I turned quick on the rock that I was standing on so that I could outrun the wave, but proceeded to slip and fall flat on my rump.  I still managed to recover in time to get a snapshot of the one that got me.

Unfortunately, Mother Nature had enough of letting us enjoy the sunshine, so we headed back to Abbey College.  I definitely would recommend this trip to those in Dunedin.  Even the scenery above the beach was great!  

By far, the best $6 (for the bus) that I've spent since I've been here!

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  1. Wow, that's so beautiful! It definitely looks like $6 well-spent.