Friday, April 27, 2012

Silver Peak Geeks

Wednesday was Anzac Day in New Zealand.  It's a holiday to remember/honor those who served/are serving the country.

Since the University was observing the holiday we didn't have classes or offices to report to.  So, a fellow Abbey resident organized a trip to Silverpeaks.

The area doesn't look like it's filled with intimidating tracks to hike.  But, unfortunately, the weather conditions are unpredictable and have lead to a number of rescues.

I wasn't expecting the stupid prickly gorse that was everywhere.  The paths were very narrow and it was hard to avoid having my exposed legs shredded.  If you plan on tramping in New Zealand, you would be very smart to pack gaitors with you!

Three of us completed the 5.9 mile walk in about 3 hours.  Luckily, the weather stayed nice.

No big hiking plans coming up in the near future because the weather is starting to cool down.  Guess that means I'll make LOTS of progress on the literature review for my thesis??

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