Monday, April 30, 2012

Warm Lovin' from New York

Today was one of those days where I was really doubting myself.  After a research team meeting, I worried about what would happen if my advisors discovered that I wasn't bright enough to be here.  I am not to the point where I can argue for against anything related to our research... it's not that I don't care - in fact, quite the opposite!

I just feel like the tee-ball player wanting to play in the major leagues.  I have the general idea of what I'm doing, but seriously lacking some skills.  It will come in time, though.  I'm "tough" as my dad would say and I know I'll catch up to where I think I "should" be.

I quickly was pulled out of my mini funk when my flatmate told me I had a sweet parcel waiting for me.

Lo and behold this fantastic masterpiece:

Angela, Diana and Jo sent me love all the way from New York!  How lucky am I???!!!!  I was THRILLED to find school stuff like Post-it notes, notebooks and highlighters, and yummy stuff like fig newtons (training food!) and Hershey's chocolate (post-training food!), and triathlon stuff like new running socks and, most importantly, a COWBELL.

You're jealous that I have a yellow BCTC cowbell, aren't you?

I may have teared up just a smidge when the TA patch fell out of the card.  Tammy was a good friend of ours that we met through the club and she is sorely missed.

So, ladies - thank you soooooo much for thinking of me!!  I am beyond overwhelmed at how thoughtful you were.  Visit soon!

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