Saturday, May 26, 2012

How Sweet it Is

Chocolate is the elixir of love. - Casanova


Sometimes when I think of a chocolate factory, I envision oompa loompas and rivers flowing with milk chocolate.  In New Zealand, one would even expect hobbits making chocolate, at the very least.  This wasn't entirely the case at Cadbury World (there was a chocolate waterfall).  But, it was still a grand time.

I purchased a GrabOne voucher for $10 and went with a lovely Abbey College group last Saturday.  Since it was the weekend, we didn't see anything on the production side of things, just videos of the production process at various stages of the tour.  This was fine by me because the videos were interesting... or, maybe it was the fact that Carol, our guide, had pockets full of candy that she handed out to us just before she was about to snap on a video or break into a monologue on chocolate making.

We weren't allowed to bring cameras on the tour, but I'm sure you're okay with not knowing what chocolate crumb looks like.  The walk around the factory was nice - people who have difficulties with stairs probably wouldn't appreciate the short climb to the tower where we saw the chocolate waterfall, though.  I learned about Cadbury's history (the first bar of Cadbury chocolate made in New Zealand was here in Dunedin in 1930) and some other facts that aren't coming to mind at the moment.  Within 45 minutes we were back at the start.  So, it was a nice way to get out and see something without devoting an entire day to it.

I'm looking forward to the Chocolate Carnival in July, particularly the Jaffa Race!

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