Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Green Light for Green Man Brewery

M'mm. I love beer. And, I love brewery tours.  Thankfully, Dunedin is home to Green Man Brewery!   I purchased a GrabOne voucher a little while ago: $32 for two tours, two pint glasses, and three beers to crack open and drink on the tour.  This weekend was the perfect opportunity to check out what they have to offer.

The brewery is really close to Abbey College, about a 20 minute walk towards the city center. It's definitely on the quant side as far as breweries go (at least out of the ones I've been to).  In fact, it's size made it a little hard to find at first because it blended in with the student flats on Grange Street (luckily, the Green Man mural on the outside gave it away).

Green Man prides itself on running a sustainable business.  Their efforts to be "green" are commendable, but I think their real pride and joy should be their tequila beer.  It's deeeelicious! 

I will spare you the details of beer making.  But, I will share with you a photo of me looking into the container that holds a beautiful mess that ultimately has the mush removed and eventually gets bottled. 

Beer lovers should definitely plan a stop here.  "Joe" was a friendly, chatty tour guide that entertained us with his out of control hand gestures and enthusiasm for Green Man Brewery.  Aside from the tequila beer, I tried a stout and a pilsner.  I liked the pilsner better, but I think it's only because my tummy was still recovering from the vino the night before and so it didn't really want stout - it actually only really wanted something fried to the point of not being considered food anymore.  

Hence, a trip to the Flying Squid was in order (thank you, Mandy, for the recommendation!).  

This little fish 'n' chips stop is known for having the best (cheap!) fries in Dunedin.  But, I didn't stop there. Ohhhhh, no siree!  I got a vegetarian burger and I was not let down.  Typically, I avoid white bread and fried brown patties of "stuff"... but there was something about those ingredients plus a slice of tomato, a few shreds of lettuce, a slice of cheese and a fried egg (yes, a fried egg) that made my day complete!


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