Saturday, May 19, 2012

Tea Time

Upon waking from a wine-induced slumber I thought to myself... I need a cup of tea.

On the surface, this ain't no big thing.  But, when I thought about it, I came to the realization that I have officially begun assimilating myself into the norm of my surroundings (there is a lot of tea drinking that goes on in New Zealand). That's pretty cool.

This also got me thinking about the differences between studying abroad here and the first time I studied abroad in England nearly 10 years ago.  It seemed like a semester in Oxford was a long time to spend away from home and now, after three months, I couldn't imagine packing up and leaving for New York (yet).  Despite what I now realize was a blip in time, I'm still amazed (and thankful) that I was able to make such great friends back then.  The Oxford Girls, as I affectionately call them, were my posse of party/travel buddies.  To some degree they still are - we've managed to meet up in Vegas, Phoenix, New Orleans, Chicago, and even my little hometown to reminisce about the good old days and celebrate (we've traded in dancing on table tops at bars and clubs for busting a move on the dance floor at weddings).

Last night, some girls from Abbey College and I had a night out on the town.  The five of us got gussied up and headed down George Street to the Octagon for a glass of vino and some dancing.  It was a blast!  Yes, there are stories that we'll be talking about for ages to come, but nothing that was bad enough to land someone in jail.  I think it's the beginning of friendships that will endure time and distance, just like the ones I formed in Oxford.

I'm looking forward to more times out with them, even if the morning after starts off a little rough.

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