Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Cuppa and a Tim Tam?

What a busy week in my little research world!  I'm making progress with my literature review (finally!) and I worked a wee bit on the manuscript that I hope to get published.   Over at MInT, I've been busy listening to 250+ audio files, identifying the interviewer, and plugging the interviewer code into an Excel file.

We've officially received a smidge over 900 surveys from our "Lifestyle, Eating Habits and Your Wellbeing" study. This means that I've written down the ID number from every survey received and plugged the return date into an Excel file.  This is what my high-tech tracking system looks like (I highlight the ID numbers as soon as I enter them):

A number of the participants in our survey have shown us their humorous side.  One woman noted that her next address change will be the cemetery, another said she's not leaving "Quake-y Town" (Christchurch) anytime soon, and another had this funny comment:

We attached a complimentary tea bag to each survey and suggested that they make themselves a cup of tea halfway through completing the survey.  This woman's comment "and a tim tam"is funny because it's a type of chocolate cookie.  

Periodically, we get a thoughtful comment like this:

I love that women take a moment to tell us they appreciate our work.  Ladies, the feeling is mutual!


  1. I found your blog through your post on Expat Edna and had to check it out... I lived in Christchurch for a semester during my undergrad at Geneseo! Do you know about Tim Tam Slams yet? Best way to eat them, and you can do it with a cuppa :)

    1. Hi Julie! Enda would be so happy that her blog lead you to mine. =) Looks like you lucked out by not being in ChCh for the big shake up. By the way, Geneseo as in SUNY Geneseo?!!! I'll be sure to check out Tim Tam Slams!

    2. Uh, six months later... hey Sara! Haha sorry, I've been checking in on your blog but it just occurred me to check back on the post I originally commented on now! Sorry for the delay! And yes, SUNY Geneseo! :)