Thursday, July 5, 2012

U.S.Heeey! Top 10 Most Wanted Foods

Happy birthday, America!  Yesterday at Abbey College we celebrated by adorning our faces with stars and stripes and watched Team America.  Heck yeah!

For me, it was a day of reflection on that whole life, liberty and pursuit of happiness thing.  What makes someone happy?  Choices!  By that, I mean food-related choices.

It's funny that when I think about my return to the U.S. I instantly conjure up a list of foods that I've been deprived of which I will instantly seek out when my feet hit American soil.  Living in a catered residence hall means that I'm at the mercy of whatever the cook has on the menu.  Don't get me wrong, Nigel (our cook) does serve some deliciousness.  But, every now and then I get a strong hankering for particular things.  Some are available in New Zealand, but most are not (at least not here in Dunedin...the word on the street is that Auckland has some of my favorite American delicacies). *sigh*

So, what are these cravings, you ask? Here they are, in no particular order:
You can't really tell that I have a background in nutrition based on my list, can you?!  Nevertheless, Mom, if you're reading, feel free to drop a package of Reese's cups in the next care package.

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