Tuesday, December 11, 2012


O. M. G.  I missed the dolphins!!!!  Why? Oh, why?! Of all days to be in uber productive PhD mode! Yesterday, I joined a group of friends for a small trek to Heyward Point which had a pretty darn good view of the water. Why weren't the dolphins around then?!


So, maybe I didn't see dolphins yesterday (I'm not leaving New Zealand until I see some dolphins!), but I did see these cute sea lions:

It took roughly 45 minutes to reach our destination.  Initially, when we reached Heyward Point, it was really obnoxious that the sea gulls were screeching out of control:

But, we found out what the fuss was all about - these eggs:

Aside from the the local critters, this was an uneventful trip, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.  Just a few more weeks and I'll be able to share photos from the Monowai trip!  In the meantime, I'm going to keep my eyes out for more dolphins here in the harbour:

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