Monday, February 13, 2012

Comments... confidence boosting or busting?

Ever since I began spreading the word that I am moving to New Zealand, I noticed there are two kinds of responses.  Both reactions involve the other person clutching their chest, eyes wide open, and mouth agape.  Once the person recovers from shock, they will either say, "But, what is your husband going to do?!" or "Ohmygod, that's awwwwwesome!!"

In my opinion, I would rather hear the positive response.  I know it's unusual for a married woman to pack her bags, quit her job, and tell her husband and furbaby that she'll be back in three years.  But, I've done this before...

After high school, I moved to Salem, Massachusetts for my undergraduate degree.  Salem State College is 5 1/2 hours from my hometown and was about that far away from Jon (who was going to college in New York).  I arrived on campus and I didn't know a soul.  In my sophomore year, I studied abroad at Oxford Brookes University for three months.  Again, I didn't know a soul.  But, everything worked out fine.  And guess what?  I didn't have Facebook or a blog or Skype.  I communicated with my family and friends through weekly emails and a weekly phone call to Mom.  Sounds a little archaic, huh?

Yes, it's a 30-hour commitment to get from point A to point B, but between Facebook, my blog, and Skype, I can reach out and get in touch with anyone I want at a moments notice to share the good, the bad, and the ugly of this adventure! How cool is that?!  

Honestly, I don't disappear once I board my flight and I'm not "stuck" in New Zealand. What's missing is the physical presence of others.  I imagine that, once again, that will be the hardest part about being being so far away from family and friends.  How do I avoid getting consumed by feelings of doom and gloom?  I plan for the BIG things I have in store for anyone who comes and visits me, of course.  

So, I encourage readers to consider a visit!  I booked my flight through and it was much less expensive to fly to New Zealand in February-April than it was in November-January.  There is plenty to do on the south island and I'll start posting links to whet your appetite after I arrive.

On the surface, I may appear calm, cool, and collected when I talk about my plans, but I am a worry wart in disguise.  I do worry about how to hold a marriage together, how to pay bills, and how to be a student again.  What keeps me from a full on freak out is the fact that three years is nothing in comparison to the 40+ years I'll have left to work until I retire.  That PhD will open so many doors for me and make those 40+ years better.


  1. Here is the postive:
    I can remember being on a bus to a game and you telling me about your "High School Sweetheart" and being surprised and impressed and here you are married and supporting each other in CRAZY goals most people wouldnt fathom tackling. His Schooling, Iron Mans , PhDs, owning a lab. This is par for a course that shows a lot of success and maturity and understanding that has been and still is beyond years. Go for it, You got this, Kid. Pay the raised eyebrows no mind, many find strength a threat.

    1. Thanks for such an awesome comment. It's a great reminder for me that I'm a tough cookie and so is Jon. =)